3D Printing Service

Production parts and quantities in as fast as 8 days.

NECO 3D Printing Service

Choose from a range of industrial grade Nylons and TPU materials.

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Eliminate Excess Inventory
Eliminate Expensive Tooling
Quality comparable to Injection Molding
Bypass Overseas Suppliers
Production Parts produced in as fast as 8 days
Significantly Reduce Development Time
Manufactured in the USA (College Station, Texas)

Why choose NECO as your OEM plastics manufacturer?

Independent Builds
We never mix different customers parts together in our MJF manufacturing process. Mixing components of varying densities together in a build causes these individual components to cool at uneven rates and this greatly effects part strength and elongation at break.
100% Build Quality Checks
We are one of the only MJF manufactures to ASTM D638 Tensile test each and every build we manufacture.
Multi Jet Fusion 3D Printers
We only use HP Multi Jet Fusion 3D Printers which produce parts with exceptional surface finishes and improved mechanical properties when compared to other 3D Printing Technology.
No Auto Packing Usage
We do not use auto packing software to automatically and randomly place your components in a build. This process of auto packing is widely used for speed of processing customers digital files; however, this does not result in consistent part to part strength, dimensional accuracy, or consistent surface finishes. To accomplish this, manual placing of components in a digital build by an experienced programmer is necessary.